About us

Welcome to Knowles Equestrian Collection Ltd.

We provide luxury products for both you and your horse, are competitively priced and offer great customer service.

Selling online, at tradestands throughout the year, if you are interested we can bring the products to you for your conveniance or come view the products at ours (by appointment only!) For more details, please get in touch or to book an appointment.

At Knowles Equestrian, customer service is of the up most importance, if you any queries or would like to know more about our products or visits, then please contact us.


Company registration number: 10717254



Our Brands include:

  • ANKY┬«
  • Anna Scarpati, AsUp brand, part of the Animo Group
  • JIN STIRRUP Products. Helmets are certification approval ASTM - PAS015 2011 - KITEMARK - 2015 VG1 01.040.2014 European Directive 89/686/EC.
  • EvoEquine Rainbow Gloss Collection
  • Petrie Riding Boots  
  • BR
  • NAF
  • WAHL
  • EQuest- personalised horse wear
  • CASCO Riding Helmets, complies to the European regulation: VG1 01.040 2014-12, 1384:2017 tested, making them BD legal